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Sirius Microincinerator

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Product Literature/Brochure from Baygen

New safety regulations have meant that Microincinerators are increasingly replacing the traditional Bunsen burners that have long been fundamental to microbiology laboratories. Accordingly, CDC and WHO recommend using microincinerators in laboratories instead of Bunsen burners.

Our newly developed, product Sirius microincinerator has key distinguishing features compared to similar products in the market.

A micro incinerator you can touch safely!

Meet new safety regulations with revolutionary Micro Incinerator!

After reaching a sterilization temperature of around 1.000°C, loop and needle are sterilized in 2-4 seconds

Supports Working with Gloves
With it’s unique design you can safely touch the surface of the device

Sterilization in quartz tube
Prevents aerosol formation

User Safety
Heater resistance running with 12V