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Minisart SRP15 Syringe Filter 17574---

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Product Literature/Brochure from Sartorius Stedim North America Inc

Minisart SRP syringe filters with a clean and chemically inert PTFE membrane. The units are ready-to-use and allow for simple, rapid and reliable ultracleaning of small volume samples for HPLC or GC analysis, which require an even more chemical resistant unit than Minisart RC, e.g. for solvents such as acetone, dimethylformamide and DMSO, or for aggressive aqueous liquids. Minisart SRP syringe filters ensure rapid small volume sterilisation with maximum user convinience. They offer high flow rates at low inlet pressures. Minisart SRP15 with small spike outlet is recommended for filtration of narrow-necked vials.