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Vestibular Testing - VORTEQ and DVA-Test

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Product Literature/Brochure from Micromedical Technologies Inc

VORTEQ is available as an option on either the VisualEyes mid-tower or laptop systems with the VOR/DVAT tests integrated into the VNG protocol for a comprehensive evaluation of the balance disorder patient. VORTEQ is particularly useful to help quantify visual acuity over a range of head velocities that occur in daily living. VOR and DVA improvements during Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy can be serially documented to ascertain the amount of vestibular compensation. A performance measure of the Visual Vestibular Ocular Reflex (VVOR), Dynamic Visual Acuity (DVA) is essential for retinal image stability when performing tasks where relative motion exists between the individual and the visual information which they must acquire and resolve in order to successfully perform a task (e.g. driving, flying, athletics).