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Best Medical International Inc

7643 Fullerton Rd
Springfield, VA 22153 United States
Phone:(703) 451-2378
Toll Free Number:(800) 336-4970
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Overview: Best Medical has served the medical community with the highest quality products and unparalleled customer service. Our brachytherapy seeds, gold fiducial markers, supplies, accessories and exam equipment exemplify our commitment to uncompromised quality and safety.
Best Medical International now encompasses a family of trusted companies and organizations with a proven track record of innovation, quality and service in external beam radiation therapy, brachytherapy and vascular brachytherapy solutions. Our aim is to be the one partner that clinicians turn to for all their radiotherapy and oncology product and service requirements.
UMDC Code: 382402
Fax: (703) 451-5228
Email: helene@best-medical.com
Website: http://www.teambest.com
Company Type: Private
Business Started: 1977
Business Lines: Manufacturer/Distributor/Exporter
Quality Regulations: ISO9001/ISO9001_2000
Sales Channels: Direct
Number of Employees: 105
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Accessories for HDR1000+Model 70008
The Quality Assurance Tool tightly collimates the radiation received by the HDR1000+ ion chamber to a narrow plane. Four short measurements are taken as the Iridium-192 source is advanced to the 4mm opening. These measurements provide the information for:
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Brachytherapy-Model 44G Well Chamber
The 44G is a hermetically-sealed re-entrant well ion chamber, requiring no air density corrections. The fill gas is pure argon at an absolute pressure of 23.5 psi, which provides three distinct benefits. First, through photoelectric absorption, argon enhances the response at low energies emitted from 125I and 103Pd. Second, because of its low electron attachment coefficient, argon provides a higher ion collection efficiency, making it more suitable for 10 Ci HDR 192Ir sources. Third, the positive pressure provides long term constancy measurements with the ability to verify the chamber seal.
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Build-up Caps
The total build-up should be calculated using the wall thicknesses and thimble thickness with the appropriate density. For detailed statistics on the thicknesses available, please open the specification sheet.
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Dynamic Thorax 4D QA Phantom
The Model DTP-008 Dynamic Thorax Phantom is designed to investigate and minimize the impact of organ motion and patient positioning errors in radiation therapy. It is the first commercially-available dynamic QA phantom, developed for image acquisition, treatment planning and dose delivery.
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Electron Density CT Phantom-Model 467
Accurate corrections for tissue inhomogeneities are a critical part of isodose treatment planning. Although most computerized treatment planning systems currently use CT image data, these systems frequently use empirical formulae in computing correction factors for tissue inhomogeneities. The Model 467 Electron Density CT Phantom can be used to calibrate the CT unit by establishing the relationship between the electron density of various tissues and their corresponding CT number (in Hounsfield Units, HU). This data can then be transferred to the computerized treatment planning system for more
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Electron Density CT Phantom-Model EDP-62
The accuracy of radiation oncology treatment planning systems is heavily dependent upon precise CT analysis of the patient anatomy which is to be irradiated. Physicists performing treatment planning need accurate tools to evaluate CT scan data, correct for inhomogeneities, and to document the relationship between CT number and tissue electron density. The Model EDP-62 Electron Density CT Phantom was designed and developed specifically to meet this requirement.
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EquiDoseIIDiode Detectors
The EquiDoseII diode detectors are a new generation of solid state detectors exhibiting superior characteristics. Radiation damage is extremely low, with detectors typically retaining better than 94% of their original response after 15,000 exposures of 2Gy, a total of 30,000Gy. Axial directional response variation is typically less than 1%, ±90 from perpendicular. A low temperature coefficient minimizes sensitivity variation due to patient heat transfer during treatment.
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Geometric QA Phantom
The ISIS QA-1 Phantom was designed to provide an easy, low-cost approach to the daily, monthly and annual QA tasks for the Physicist and Therapists. The ISIS QA-1 phantom will aid in verifying the geometric laser position accuracies with multiple laser systems within your department. The ISIS QA-1 also provides the Physicist and Dosimetrist the ability to verify electron beam density values produced by your CT / CT-Simulator. Staff members scan the four unique density value inserts, then transfer this image to the RTP system for verification of the electron density values of the Bone, Water, I
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IMRT Head & Neck Phantom
The Model IMRT-2HN head and neck phantom is manufactured from water-equivalent plastic material. It faithfully mimics actual tissue within 1% from 50keV to 25MeV for accurate simulation from CT planning to treatment delivery.
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IMRT Homogeneous Phantom-Model IMRT-2H5
The Model IMRT-2H5 homogeneous phantom is designed to address the complex issues surrounding the commissioning and comparison of treatment planning systems while providing a simple yet reliable method for verification of individual patient treatment plans and delivery.
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IMRT Pelvic 3D Phantom
The Model IMRT-2PRA 3D pelvic phantom is designed to address the complex issues surrounding the commissioning and comparison of treatment planning systems and verification of individual patients treatment plans and delivery.
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IMRT Thorax Phantom
The Model IMRT-2LFC thorax phantom is designed to address the complex issues surrounding the commissioning and comparison of treatment planning systems while providing a simple yet reliable method for verification of an individual patients treatment plans and delivery.
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Isorad-3 Cylindrical Diode Detectors
The ISORAD-3 is the only available cylindrical diode detector. The ISORAD-3s cylindrical design allows it to have nearly zero angular dependence along the axial axis, making it an ideal choice for tangential treatment cases where it is difficult to predict angle of incidence. ISORAD-3s are available in three photon energy ranges. Each energy range uses a different buildup material designed to give a reading at dmax, therefore no additional buildup is required. ISORAD-3 reproducibility error is less than 0.5% for measurements greater than 1cGy.
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Model 22D Dual Diode Monitor
The CNMC Model 22D is a compact, economical, battery-operated dual-channel diode monitor designed for simplicity of operation without compromising accuracy and reliability.
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Model 3000-ARM 3-D Radiation Scanning System
The ARM Radiation Scanning System is fast, accurate, simple and easy to set up. The electronics are all housed in a compact iBox (Intelligent Box) that controls scanner motions and data acquisition, using embedded firmware, featuring an Intel microprocessor. A serial cable is the only link with the outside computer. The ARM System can be used with either a laptop or PC with a Windows 95/98/Me/XP operating system.
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Model HDR1000+Brachytherapy Re-Entrant Well Chamber
The rapid increase in oncology centers providing high dose rate brachytherapy treatments has prompted an intense interest in calibration procedures for high dose rate Iridium-192 sources. Calibration of sources is necessary because some sources are delivered with ±10% specifications. One facilitys experience has shown a variation of 15% in sources.
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Model RMD-100-5- Remote Motor Drive
With the CNMC Model RMD-100-5 Remote Motor Drive you can convert the manual mechanism of the CNMC WP-3040, WP-3840 and STP-145M detector positioning assembly to allow detector positioning from outside of the treatment room, adding convenience and significant savings to your data acquisition time.
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Model RMD-200-5-PC-Programmable Remote Motor Drive
With the Model RMD-200-5-PC, it is possible to convert the manual, crank-operated depth-positioning mechanism of the CNMC WP-3040 and WP-3840 water phantoms to allow ion chamber positioning from outside the treatment room, using a PC (personal computer) as the control panel, thus adding convenience and significant savings to your monthly routine.
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Point Dose Measurement Phantom
With the IMRT-2H9K phantom, you may choose any point dose location within a circular area with a diameter of 11.2cm by simply rotating a cylinder within a cylinder etched with indices for precise alignment. Each cylinder accepts an interchangeable rod that can be drilled for a variety of ion chambers, diodes, MOSFETs or TLDs. One water-equivalent and one bone-equivalent rod drilled for a specified detector are included. Additional lung- and bone-equivalent rods can be positioned at any location within the circular area for assessment of heterogeneity correction.
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The Primalert10 is a compact monitor that responds to scattered radiation and can be mounted anywhere in the teletherapy room. A pair of bright red lamps on the instrument face flash a warning when the source is exposed, and they continue to flash until safe conditions are re-established. The flashing green operator indicator light continuously monitors the background radiation and provides a visible indication that the instrument is functioning. The monitor is supplied with a self-stick bracket for wall mounting.
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Radiation Therapy Area Monitor-7008 RT
The Model 7008 R/T is a wall-mounted radiation monitor designed to meet the specific needs of radiation therapy. It is designed to operate continuously from an AC power line. In the event of power failure, the built-in, continuously trickle charged NiMH battery automatically switches in to begin supplying power immediately, assuring interruption-free operation at all times.
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Radiation Therapy Area Monitor-Model 375/2RT
The Model 375/2RT is a wall-mounted radiation monitor designed to meet the specific needs of radiation therapy. It is designed to operate continuously from an AC power line. In the event of power failure, the built-in, continuously trickle-charged lead acid battery automatically switches in to begin supplying power immediately, assuring interruption-free operation at all times.
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Refurbished GE R/F Systems
Refurbished GE R/F systems from Huestis Medical begin with a complete tear-down. All mechanical and electronic systems are then functionally and cosmetically inspected, evaluated and refurbished to exacting standards. Component replacements include new counterweight and high voltage cables. Other select Huestis Medical or GE upgrades including motors, switches, locks, detents, gears, belts, bearings and tracks are replaced as needed. After a detailed three-step paint process, each system is pre-staged for operational compatibility and calibration to OEM specifications.
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Source Holders for HDR1000+70003 - Remote Afterloading
This source holder is for cesium remote afterloading and has a 7.1mm diameter aluminum catheter opening. It is used with LDR remote afterloading systems. There is no spacer because the afterloader positions the sources. This insert can also be used with cobalt sources used in some LDR remote afterloading treatment systems.
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VeriDose VPatient Dose Verification Monitor
The VeriDose V is a five-channel patient dose verification monitor designed to meet present and future demands of the radiation oncology department. The VeriDose V may be used with continuous beams (Co-60), pulsed beams (linear accelerators), x-rays and electrons.
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Water Phantoms-with Depth Positioning Assembly
The CNMC Models WP-3040 and WP-3840 are water phantoms with convenient manual ion chamber depth positioning. The water tanks are constructed of 3/8" acrylic and provided with side-mounted handles, a drain and a ball valve.
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