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PerkinElmer Inc

940 Winter St
Waltham, MA 2451 United States
Phone:(781) 663-6900
Toll Free Number:(800) 762-4000
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Overview: As a global technology leader, PerkinElmer is taking action to harness the power of insights and transform them into knowledge to deliver innovative, differentiated solutions for our customers. From critical therapeutic and disease research and prenatal screening, to environmental testing and industrial monitoring, we are actively engaged in improving health and advancing quality and longevity of life all around the world.From multi-vendor laboratory services, software and informatics, to clinical lab testing and unparalleled customer care, we have the people, tools and resources to help customers solve their business and scientific goals. Our core competencies, coupled with our commitment to excellence, provide a strong foundation for delivering optimal service and support. By encouraging exploration, ingenuity and integrity, together with teamwork and employee development, at PerkinElmer we live our mission, every day.
UMDC Code: 371981
Fax: (203) 944-4904
Email: productinfo@perkinelmer.com
Website: http://www.perkinelmer.com
Company Type: Private
Business Lines: Manufacturer/Distributor/Importer/Exporter
Sales Channels: Direct/Distributors
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Atomic Absorption Software
WinLab32 for AA redefines the software standard for high-performance atomic absorption instruments. Designed for the rigorous needs of today's analytical laboratory, WinLab32 gives you all the flexibility and power you need in an easy to use, easy to learn package. WinLab32 for AA software provides you with tools and features needed to quickly start running samples your way.
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Chromera Chromatography Data System (CDS) for LC
The Chromera Chromatography Data Systems (CDS) combines powerful functionality with unmatched ease of use for more streamlined data handling. It’s the first CDS developed keeping UHPLC specifically in mind, and can be configured for simultaneous multi-detector/multi-channel operation for the ultimate in sample analysis and component identification.
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Clarus 480 GC
The Clarus 480 GC was developed in response to meet strong global demand for world-class GC reliability and technology in a budget conscious package. The Clarus 480 GC is THE industry standard when it comes to blending economy with practicality and performance.
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Clarus 580 GC
The Clarus 580 GC offers many of the same innovative features found in the Clarus 680 GC including an full-color touch-screen interface that features real-time signal display and eight-language support (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese). This allowing users to interact with the GC in a more intuitive way, reducing the learning curve and speeding routine interaction.
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Clarus 680 GC
Our Clarus 680 GC is designed for fast-paced, high-volume laboratories that require fast analytical cycle times. It maximizes throughput with the fastest injection-to-injection time of any conventional gas chromatograph.
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Clarus SQ 8 GC Mass Spectrometers
Clarus SQ 8 GC/MS features the fastest conventional GC oven available - heating up or cooling down more rapidly than other competitive ovens. Plus, the system is driven by our sample-centric TurboMass software for ease-of-use from data collection to evaluation and reporting. Combine the Clarus SQ 8 GC/MS with our market-leading TurboMatrix sample handling, user-friendly software and world-class service for an integrated, complete analytical solution from a single source.
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Flexar FX-10 UHPLC
When the demands in your lab go up, but your budget doesn't, you need excellent performance at the best possible price. Flexar FX-10's 10,000 psi capability lets you increase your throughput while keeping your bottom line steady.
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Flexar FX-15 UHPLC
Ultra high performance means the highest resolution, highest sensitivity and fastest analysis -in other words, a superlative LC system. Flexar FX-15 is the ultimate in UHPLC with maximum throughput and minimum stress for you. Getting more sample information in less time lets you be more productive.
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NexION 300 ICP-MS Instruments
The NexION 300 offers 3 modes of operation (Standard, Collision and Reaction) and can be quickly switched from 1 mode to another. So, every analysis can be performed on the same instrument. It's the only ICP-MS that lets you maximize productivity without compromising sensitivity or performance. And, for the first time ever, a single ICP-MS instrument offers both the simplicity and convenience of a collision cell and the exceptional detection limits of a true reaction cell.
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PinAAcle 900 Atomic Absorption Spectrometers
The PinAAcle series of atomic absorption (AA) spectrometers brings AA performance to new heights. Engineered with an array of exciting technological advances, it offers a variety of configurations and capabilities to deliver exactly the level of performance you need: Flame only, furnace only, or space-saving stacked designs featuring both; Flame, furnace, flow injection, FIAS-furnace and mercury/hydride capabilities on a single instrument.
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PinAAcle 900F Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
For laboratories needing a high-performance flame atomic absorption (AA) spectrometer, the PinAAcle 900F is a flame-only system with a true double-beam design for fast start-up and exceptional long-term stability. It features cutting-edge fiber optics to maximize light throughput for improved detection limits, as well as an eight-lamp mount, and automated flame and burner assembly optimization for enhanced productivity.
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PinAAcle 900H Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
The PinAAcle 900H is controlled by the proven WinLab32 for AA software - whoever the user and whatever the application, WinLab32 software makes it fast and easy to get from sample to results. By reducing the time required for method development, sample analysis and report generation, WinLab32 streamlines every step of your workflow for enhanced laboratory productivity.
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PinAAcle 900T Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
For laboratories needing the best in both flame and THGA furnace atomic absorption (AA), the PinAAcle™ 900T is a combined flame/longitudinal Zeeman furnace system. The PinAAcle 900T has the flexibility to switch between flame and furnace in seconds, and its high light throughput optical system, combined with a solid-state detector, provides the highest-quality efficiency and signal-to-noise performance of any AA system on the market.
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PinAAcle 900Z Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
For laboratories needing a high-performance furnace-only atomic absorption (AA) spectrometer, the PinAAcle 900Z is a longitudinal Zeeman system with a true double-beam design for fast start-up and exceptional long-term stability, cutting-edge fiber optics to maximize light throughput for improved detection limits, and TubeView color furnace camera for easier autosampler tip alignment and sample dispensing.
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