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Integrated Biomedical Technology

2931 Moose Trail
Elkhart, IN 46514-8230 United States
Phone:(574) 264-0025
Toll Free Number:(800) 490-5500
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Overview: Integrated Biomedical Technology, Inc. was established in1992 as a consulting company assisting other companies in developing dry chemistry test systems. In 1995, we realized that in the fast paced operation of hemodialysis there is a need of simple, fast and easy-to-use tests and began to develop reagent strips for use in dialysis clinics and hospitals. In 1997, the first multi-functional test for chlorine/bleach and peroxide was introduced. Since then, a panel of dialysis specialty test strips has been introduced, many of which are uniquely designed, one of a kind tests. These highly advanced, innovative test systems redefine and set new standards in the way testing is done in dialysis.
The principal of the company, Dr. Wen Wu, has a long and extensive experience in biomedical testing. He received his Ph. D. degree in Biochemistry from the University of Washington in 1971. Since then he has worked at Northwestern University and the Clinical Laboratories at the University of Chicago Hospitals. He is an American Board certified Clinical Chemist. In 1979, he joined Miles, now Bayer Diagnostics, working on research and development of dry chemistry test systems. He is an inventor and co-inventor of over 10 patents and has published numerous scientific articles in prestigious journals.
UMDC Code: 332801
Fax: (574) 264-2787
Email: ibtbiomed@earthlink.net
Website: http://www.ibtbiomed.com
Company Type: Private
Business Lines: Manufacturer/Exporter
Sales Channels: Direct/Distributors

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GlutarTest 1
For use with Diacide reprocessing solution, Results in 30 seconds, Dip-and-read strips
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Peracid Test
Measure % concentration of Renalin , or ppm peracetic acid. It is a quantitative test strip, rather than a Positive/Negative qualitative indicator strip. Dip-and-read in less than 30 seconds. No dilution required.
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RenalCheck PX
Test for the absence of residual peroxide. Stable at room temperature.
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Measure water. acid, base, carbonate or dialysate pH. The color blocks provide accurate pH readings of 7.2 - 7.6 for final dialysate or 8.0 to 8.5 for bicarbonate concentrate.
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WaterCheck 2
0.1 p pm Chloramine/Chlorine test strip for monitoring carbon tank chlorine leaks. The strip is optimized for Maximal reaction with chloramine to assure detection of trace amount of chloramine in the treated water. The strip reacts with both free chlorine and chloramine. Results are ppm total chlorine. The test is a 30 second test.
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WaterCheck CP
This is the most versatile test strip. The strip is sensitive to varieties of disinfecting agents, such as, chlorine, bromine, peroxide, iodine or ozone. The strip measures total chlorine. It will react to chlorine concentrations from trace to over 1000 ppm.
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WaterCheck RC
Residual Chlorine test strips,similar to WaterCheck CP, except that WaterCheck RC strip will not react with peroxide.
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Measure total hardness from 300 down to less than 4 ppm, or from 18 down to less than 0.2 grain/gal. Dual sensitivity scales make the reading of color blocks easy.
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