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Wolf X-Ray Corp

100 W Industry Ct
Deer Park, NY 11729 United States
Phone:(631) 242-9729
Toll Free Number:(800) 356-9729
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Overview: Howard Wolf is the president and third-generation principal in this family owned-and-operated business. Mr. William P. Winters, our executive vice president, has been with the organization for over 23 years. His depth of experience and relationship with key customers has forged long-term alliances with our top channel partners. Carolyn Price, our CFO, has also been with the company for over 25 years and has been instrumental in implementing lean business practices, maximizing the resources of this enterprise.
We have a National Sales force that sells through our dealer network. Internationally, we have been exporting our products to dealers and OEMs since the early 1950s. We have a fully-staffed international sales department and employ salespeople throughout the world.
Wolf manufactures over 180 different products in our new 65,000 square foot facility in Deer Park, New York. We currently employ over 100 people in our manufacturing and administrative facility. The latest additions to our extensive product line includes digital radiography accessories and lead protection products used in clinics and hospitals alike.
UMDC Code: 103150
Fax: (631) 242-1001
Email: info@wolfxray.com
Website: http://www.wolfxray.com
Company Type: Private
Business Started: 1931
Business Lines: Manufacturer/Exporter
Quality Regulations: ISO9001/EN46001/CE_MARK
Sales Channels: Distributors

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50187 Skin Dots
Artifact/nipple identifier. Box of 100. Available in 3 BB sizes (1.5mm, 2.0mm , 2.5mm). Please specify BB size when ordering.
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Adjustable Over Table Barrier
Designed for protection in any situation, our Over-Table Barrier wheels to any location. The barrier mount allows 360 deg rotation on vertical and horizontal planes so the barrier can be used in unlimited working positions.
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Breast / Scoliosis Stole
The Breast Stole provides .5mm Pb equiv. and has a non-slip fabric on the underside. A wrap-around belt allows custom positioning of the open area and has an unprotected neck for cervical view. Stole is 7.5" Wide x 26" Long. Available in Navy only.
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Center Mount Barrier
Our "CMBs" have a ball-and-socket center mount that rotates 360 degrees. It is supported with either single- or dual-mount ceiling column, or can be used with our Ceiling Track System (shown below). The barrier is 76cm high and 61cm wide and provides 0.5mm lead equivalency protection.
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Coat Apron
The Coat Apron features a 2 inch wide adjustable belt that helps "lift" the apron weight off your shoulders. The open back design allows you great freedom of movement. The Coat Apron offers you 0.5 mm LE protection.
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Econo-Top Film Bin
Econo-Top Film Bins are perfect film protection for the cost conscious practice. Offered as a plastic option to wolf's standard film bins, our Econo-tops provide the same light proof secure storage for your unexposed films.
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Elite Style Markers
50160 - L&R Set: 5/8" with 2 inits 3/8" or 3 inits 1/4" (shown upper left); 50161 - L&R Set: 5/8" with No Initials; 50162 - L&R Set: 1" with 2 inits 3/8" or 3 inits 1/4" (shown upper right); 50163 - L&R Set: 1" with No Initials; 50164 - Elite Marker Arrow 1"with No initials (shown middle right); 50165 - L&R Set with 1" Arrow: with 2-3 initials 1/4" (shown middle left).
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Extension Arm Tilt and Rotate Cassette Holder
Extension Arm Tilt and Rotate Cassette Holder 80-237 -- Essentially the same unit as the "Standard", the Extension Arm features an "extending arm". Cannot be used for DR. The arm slides vertically on a 60" chrome steel post. Available in neutral almond baked enamel. Base is 18" square.
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Frame Mounted Overhead Barrier
Can be used with a single or a dual ceiling mount, or attached to the ceiling track (#80-270). All options allow 360 deg barrier rotation. 0.5 mm lead equivalent.
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Front Closing Special Procedure Apron
The Front Closing Special Procedure Apron allows weight to be distributed across the shoulders and comfort is enhanced by an adjustable belt. The Front Closing Special Procedure Apron has a full back panel for all-around protection. The apron is held closed by three velcro tabs. The apron provides front 0.5 mm front LE Protection, and 0.3 mm back protection.
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Gonad Shield
Specifically to protect the genital area, the Gonad Shield comes with straps to hold it in place. .5mm lead equivalency protection. Available in Beige only.
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Gonad Shield Set
Our new set of three (3) Gonad Shields provide .5mm protection. They measure: Small 3"x5", Medium 5"x7" and Large 7"x9". Available in navy blue only.
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Ideal Cushion Marker Set
Places all information on the film at the time of exposure. Set includes: 1 holder (3 1/2" x 1 5/16"), 2 each of letters A-Z, 4 each of numbers 0-9, 2 each of letters A, E, I, O, U, and one 36 letter case. Characters are 3/16" on 5/8" plastic tabs, offset.
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Identifier Markers
50168- L&R Identifier Set, 5/8" with 2 initials 3/8" or 3 initials 1/4"; 50169- L&R Identifier Set, 5/8" with No Initials; 50170- L&R Identifier Set, 1" with 2 initials 3/8" or 3 initials 1/4"; 50171- L&R Identifier Set, 1" with No Initials (shown at left); 50172- Identifier Arrow 1" with No initials (shown at left); 50173- LEFT&RIGHT Identifier Set, 1/2" with 2-3 1/4" initials; 50174- LEFT&RIGHT Identifier Set, 1/2" with No Initials (shown at left).
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L & R Markers
These markers not only indicate "Left" or "Right", but also provide identification of the plane incline via lead balls in the center of the letter. Manufactured for years of durable use, these letters have a hole for hanging.
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Pet Dent" Veterinary Dental Film
PetDent Veterinary Dental X-ray Film: D Speed, Size 2, 100 Films/Box, Size 1 1/4"x1 5/8" (31 x 41 mm).
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Protective Curtains for Overhead Barriers
These curtains (shown attached to the bottom of a barrier) add an extra 8" of protection at the bottom of the barrier, and are easy to install via supplied velcro.
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Quick Drop Apron
The Quick Drop Apron is made expressly for maintaining an uncontaminated sterile field. Made to be worn between a scrub-suit and sterile gown, all the surgeon has to do is flip back the two shoulder tabs and the apron falls to the ground. Thyroid Collar is optional. The Quick Drop provides 0.5 mm LE protection.
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Radiation Reducing Glove Sleeves
When used in conjunction with our Sensi Flex Gloves, the Glove Sleeves provide protection from fingertips to biceps from scatter radiation and are made of a lightweight material to reduce arm fatigue.
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Screen Cleaner
The ideal cleaning solution for removing dirt, dust and fingerprints, increasing and intensifying screen efficiency, and prolonging screen life. It is antistatic,works as well on cassettes and illuminators and comes in a large economical 12 oz. plastic squeeze bottle.
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Sensi Flex Gloves
The ultimate in sensitivity and flexibility, Wolf's thin Sensi Flex Gloves fit like a cloth glove. Perfect for Cath/EP labs, Orthopedics, Endoscopy, Urological procedures, and a multitude of other radiological procedures. Sensi Flex is the perfect choice when maximum tactile sensitivity is important. Available is sizes 7 to 8 1/2.
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Single Section Single Pivot Shields
This shield is 24" W x 28" L with a removable 9" high top shield the full 24" length. It has a single pivoting arm with 0.5 mm lead equivalency protection. Equipped with a 17 cm wide mounting bracket that locks into a table side accessory rail up to 28.5 mm high by 8.5 mm deep.
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Special Procedure Apron
The Special Procedure Apron has an elastic belt that helps lift the apron weight off your shoulders. A full back panel gives you all-around protection and the over-the-shoulder velcro closuremakes putting it on and removing it a cinch. The apron provides front 0.5 mm front LE Protection, and 0.3 mm back protection.
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Standard Tilt and Rotate Cassette Holder
Standard Tilt and Rotate Cassette Holder 80-133 --The industry standard, this unit allows straight vertical, incline backwards, incline forward, rotate or oblique tilt, face up and face down. Vertical range from bottom of cassette/plate: floor to 54". The arm slides vertically on a 60" chrome steel post. Available in neutral almond baked enamel. Base is 18" square.
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Superflex Protective Gloves
Wolf gloves are a five finger molded lead glove covered in resilient brown Naugahyde and are supple enough to pick up small objects. Our gloves can be ordered in 12" or 15" lengths and are available in .5 or .25 lead equivalency protection. Regular Gloves are size 9 and Large Gloves are size 10.
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Superflex Protective Mittens
Wolf mittens provide hand protection (.5mm Pb equiv.) with the option of exposing fingers for dexterity and are made of a durable soft gray vinyl covering (15").
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Table Top Film Bin
Light-proof film storage bins in a table top format, these bins can also be mounted on the side of a desk via 2 keyholes. Wolf manufactures 2 sizes: the "standard" (shown) accommodates up to 150 14" x 17" films; the "mammo" (not shown) accommodates up to 150 mammography films. Both feature a closure device that automatically closes the door after films are removed.
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The Easy Wrap Apron
Our Easy Wrap Apron is the professional standard. The two side closures allow you to easily custom-fit the weight distribution comfortably on your shoulders. A handy pocket is sewn on the breast. Easy Wrap offers you 0.5 mm LE protection.
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The Trimline III Illuminator
Wolf offers the Trimline in a three bulb version. The Trimline III offers 3 bulbs per each 14" x 17"viewing area providing 4000 Candela per square meter. The Trimline III comes standard with a baked-on white polyester powder finish, film activated auto switches, a roller grip film retainer, an 8' power cord, and cluster switches on 2 over 2 units and up.
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The Trimline Plus Basic Illuminator
The Trimline Plus Basic Illuminator is the "meat and potatoes" version of our Trimline Series. You don't get an automatic film activator. What you do get is Wolf quality and dependability. The Trimline Basic is a 2 bulb illuminator that is available in 12 sizes. Standard features include a baked-on white polyester powder finish, a roller grip film retainer, an 8' cord, and cluster switches on 2 over 2 units and up.
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The Trimline Plus Illuminator
The Trimline Plus offers four lamps per each 14" x 17" viewing area providing 5150 Candela per square meter.The Trimline Plus is available in 12 sizes, or may be custom built to your specifications. Multi tier units are specially designed with only 1-1/2" of "dead space" between the top and bottom viewing panels.
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The Trimline Series Illuminator
The Trimline Series Illuminator has 2 lamps (2200 Candela per square meter) per each 14" x 17" viewing area. The Trimline Series is available in any one of 12 sizes with viewing areas from 14" x 17"(single) up to 84" x 34" (6 over 6). The Trimline comes standard with a baked-on white polyester powder finish, film activated auto switches, a roller grip film retainer, an 8' cord, and cluster switches on 2 over 2 units and up.
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The Trimline Spinal 36
The Trimline Spinal 36 features a full 14" x 36" plexiglass viewing area, 3 bulbs (30 watts each) illumination, roller grip film retainer, an 8' line cord with 3 prong plug , rocker switch and a baked-on polyester powder finish. Wolf's E-"Z" Bar is provided for easy wall mounting.
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TRI-RAD Gloves
Perfect for veterinary use. The exterior finish of the TRI-RAD Glove can be cleaned with soap and water. Available in .25mm and .50mm protection.
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Wolf Curved Cassettes
Our Curved Cassettes are ideal for many types of radiograph examinations, including x-raying the humerus and shoulder girdle, and the base of the skull. You can also obtain more clearly defined views of the condyles using this cassette for x-rays of the knee. Positive action latches provide tight locking. Our sturdy Curved Cassette will give you decades of dependable use.
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Wolf X-Ray Film Duplicators
Wolf manufactures three sizes of x-ray duplicators, with screen sizes of 14" x 17", 10" x 12" and 6" x 12" respectively. Constructed of steel with a durable white baked on polyester powder finish, our duplicators can be used with any available duplicating film. To operate the duplicators, simply place the film to be duplicated on the plexiglass screen with a sheet of duplicating film on top, close the cover and set the exposure time.
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Wolfoam Positioning Blocks
Wolfoam, the non-absorbent, non-flammable material designed for patient positioning. A variety of seven shapes and sizes, provides the versatility necessary for every radiographic procedure. This soft, resilient foam plastic is warm to the patient's touch, firm enough to provide the support necessary, yet soft enough to cradle bodily parts comfortably.
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Product Specifications:

Table Top Film Bin
Standard: 19" L x 15-1/2" W x 11-1/2" H. Shipping weight: ~20 lbs. Mammo: 13-1/4" L x 12-1/2" W x 10-1/2" H. Shipping weight: ~14 lbs.
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