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6 Central Street
Topsfield, MA United States
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Overview: Lens Finishing Technolog IQ Center presents you with an ever changing and complex landscape of vendors, features, opportunities and challenges. With the Compounding Pharmacy IQ Center from Optometric Management our editors hand select and present you with the most valuable white papers, cases studies and executive briefs to help you stay informed with meaningful content and make smarter decisions for your organization.
Website: http://productguide.ophthalmologymanagement.com
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White Paper:

When it’s time to change
As time goes on, equipment ages and technology advances, edging systems age just like our cars and cell phones. When the time comes to replace your in-office edging machine many, there are factors to consider including costs, ROI, production demand and many more. This article will discuss what to consider in order to make a smart decision on a new edging system.
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Who’s afraid of rimless?
Rimless eyewear has always been a unique frame category to work with. Today high tech materials used for frames and lens materials have made rimless eyewear easier to work with. Read on to learn about how technology has improved processing rimless eyewear.
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Four Elements of Financing
Many financial aspects must be considered when deciding on a purchase that is going towards an in-house lab. Four major factors include lease/loan, interest rates, prepayment penalty, and research for the upcoming purchase. Read on to learn advice from the experts at Vision One Credit Union and Univest Capital, Inc.
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Maintenance Do’s and Don’ts
In-house finishing equipment can easily pay for itself in reduced lab bills and an increase in business, however these devices need proper maintenance to continue to function correctly. Creating a maintenance schedule for these machines will prolong their lifespan and help prevent unnecessary repairs. Read on to learn how to properly clean and care for your lens equipment.
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Beveling for a Better Marriage
The v-shaped cut on the edge of the lens that allows it to sit securely on the frame is known as the bevel. This was once the work of a lens technician who hand cut the bevel, today it is made in mere seconds by an edger. Read on to learn how an in-office edger can allow you to keep finishing in-house.
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