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Bodyline Comfort Systems

3730 Kori Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32257-6036 United States
Phone:(904) 262-4068
Toll Free Number:(800) 874-7715
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UMDC Code: 107859
Fax: (904) 262-2225
Email: info@bodyline.com
Website: http://www.bodyline.com
Company Type: Private
Business Started: 1968
Business Lines: Manufacturer/Distributor/Exporter
Sales Channels: Direct/Distributors

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Abdominal Brace
Relieve stress on the lower back by supporting the belly area. Bodyline's Abdominal Brace can support protruding stomachs, helping reduce strain on the lower back. The abdominal brace also is useful as a cosmetic aid in reducing waist line and as an aid to abdominal hernias.
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Cervical Collar
The comfortable, professionally designed Bodyline Cervical Collar is the best answer for reducing neck pain caused by whiplash, wry neck or general stiffness.
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Faultless Ice Cap
he durable rubber construction resists tears even after hundreds of uses. The cap is designed not to leak even under tremendous pressure. The "Ice Cap" is so sturdy that it can hold the frozen Ice Seals without having the stiff edges go through the material.
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Ice Cubies
"Ice Cubies" are 1-inch square plastic cubes containing water and sealed inside. They can be frozen over and over making them the most convenient yet effective cryotherapy system available.
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Ice Easy
Reducing pain and inflammation with ice application is made easier than ever with IceEasy.
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Ice Magic Kit
"Ice Magic" is the most exciting drugless pain relieving discovery in the last three decades, and just recently coming into popularity because it is so effective. Ice Magic reduces pain miraculously without the use of drugs or surgery. It is a scientific breakthrough, using cold therapy to control and greatly reduce pain!
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Indention Pillow
Bodyline's Indention Pillow allows your head to snuggle into its own soft indention providing gentle cervical support all night long. The depression actually provides the proper cervical curve putting the neck into the most comfortable and supportive position possible.
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Lumbar/Cervical Roll
How may times have you rolled up a towel, a shirt, whatever's available and stuffed it behind your back or neck to relieve pain? No more...the Bodyline Lumbar/Cervical Roll is professionally designed for low back pain and neck support. Ideal as a positioning wedge, the roll is also wonderful for bedridden patients.
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Lumbo-Sacral Brace
The Lumbo-Sacral Brace provides immense relief and comfort to those who suffer back pain as a result of stretched or weakened back and/or abdominal muscles. It's contoured design effectively comforts and relieves strain on the low back while providing support and stability. The Lumbo-Sacral Brace can be worn comfortably underneath clothing, remaining virtually invisible.
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Maxi-Memory Top
A double lobe smooth surface sleeping pillow topped with a full inch of visco elastic (memory foam).
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Now you can get a good night's sleep thanks to the relaxing, effective neck support of the Bodyline Cervical Pillow. The popular dual roll design allows your head to relax comfortably in a center depression with the gentle, effective support of the smaller or larger outer roll.
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Maxi-Rest, Jr.
A smaller version of the popular double lobe convoluted (egg crate) surface sleeping pillow. Comes with zippered white cover, ready to slip into regular pillow case for sleeping comfort.
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A double lobe smooth surface sleeping pillow. Curved lobes give wonderful support for your cervical spine. Comes with zippered white cover. Ready to slip into regular pillow case for sleeping comfort. A most popular neck sleeping pillow.
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Neoprene Elbow Brace
Perfect for tennis elbow, post-operative support, or tendonitis, or bursitis. Also useful in easing arthritic pain. The sleeve extends above and below the elbow to provide comfortable compression and heat retention.
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Neoprene Lumbar Brace
Firm but flexible, the Bodyline Lumbar Support Brace provides adjustable support to the spine while relieving muscle stress and strain. The dynamic design features a 1/2" pad that naturally molds to the spine, plus four metal stays and two hook/loop side pulls for perfect fit. Comfort and function are provided through use of 1/6" neoprene, maintaining therapeutic body heat while increasing circulation and reducing edema. Now you can have reassuring support with necessary flexibility.
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Neoprene Tennis Elbow Wrap
Whether you got your "Tennis Elbow" from playing tennis, from other sports, or from work related activities, the Bodyline Tennis Elbow Wrap is the answer to reduce the pain.. The universal sizing fits forearms 7" 14" and has a cinch type buckle with top quality hook and loop closure.
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Neoprene Wrist Brace
Unique, professional design... the Bodyline Wrist Brace is easily adjusted to provide therapeutic support to either right or left wrist. Simply move the metal stay to the appropriate side. The 1/4" neoprene stretches firmly around either wrist, providing perfect support and warmth.
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Neoprene Wrist Wrap
Bodyline's Wrist Wrap provides firm yet comfortable support to either right or left wrist. Special thumb hole positioning allows easy and comfortable application while boomerang design provides necessary compression to the affected wrist area. The lightweight construction allows maximum mobility with confidence of the needed protection.
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Rib Belt
Make breathing, coughing, sneezing and other upper body motions less painful with Bodyline's contour designed Rib Belt. Professional engineered for rib-injury sufferers, the Rib Belt's top-quality construction provides firm, uniform, flexible support. Lightweight, durable, fits comfortably underneath clothing
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Sports Brace
This unique low back brace is specially designed for the active sports participant who must move freely, but needs firm support. So slender you'll forget your wearing it, the Bodyline Sports Brace allows maximum flexibility, yet provides tremendous low back support. Avoid back injury, or aggravation from further damage, without restricting the movement to play enthusiastically at your best.
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Travel Pillow
Now traveling doesn't need to be a "pain in the neck"... literally. Bodyline's anatomically designed, fiber-filled cervical Travel Pillow provides proper soft-yet-firm support. Small enough to fit in your suitcase or travel bag, the Travel Pillow contours to the shape of your neck for relaxing, therapeutic comfort as you travel.
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Trochanter Belt
Bodyline's specially designed Trochanter Belt actually helps to hold the sacro-iliac joint together thereby eliminating sacro-iliac pain due to excess movement of the pelvic ring. A 3-1/2" nylon webbing with dual silicon anti-slip strips help keep this belt in the correct position.
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