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Perdue Research Park
2701 Kent Ave
West Lafayette, IN 47906 United States
Phone:(765) 463-4527
Toll Free Number:(800) 845-4246
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Overview: BASi (Bioanalytical Systems, Inc.) established in 1974 has headquarters in West Lafayette, Indiana. It provides contract research services and niche instrumentation, serving the life sciences industries, primarily in drug research and development. BASi was founded by a Purdue University chemistry professor and a group of his doctoral level students. Utilizing their abilities in electrochemistry they developed a line of products to detect trace chemicals in complex matrices. In the late 80's, BASi entered the services business utilizing liquid chromatography and mass spectroscopy to provide analytical services to clients in their drug discovery efforts. BASi became a public company in 1997. Through a series of acquisitions in the 1990s and 2000s, BASi entered the EU market with a location in England, the preclinical toxicology market with a site near Evansville, Indiana for animal models and veterinary market.
UMDC Code: 454395
Fax: (765) 497-1102
Email: info@basinc.com
Website: http://www.basinc.com
Company Type: Public
Business Started: 1974
Business Lines: Manufacturer/Distributor/Importer/Exporter
Sales Channels: Direct/Distributors

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Bile Microdialysis Shunt Probe
Compared to a Culex Automated Sampler configured for bile sampling, the SM Bile Shunt Probe is the next best way to sample from bile. Like Culex bile sampling, the bile sampling shunt probe does not deplete the animals bile. In this case, the bile continues to circulate. This is via a shunt that diverts the bile past a linear microdialysis probe and then back into the bile duct. This approach maintains bile flow during microdialysis sampling and conserves bile salts.
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BR style BRain Microdialysis Probes
The BR style microdialysis probe is BASis most popular style brain microdialysis probe. This concentric microdialysis probe is stocked in two different membrane lengths, 2 mm and 4 mm. The cannula length is optimized to reach anywhere in the rat brain.
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Brain BR Style Guide Cannulae
These guide cannulae fit BASis most popular BR style brain microdialysis probes. There are two version of this guide; they differ in how they secure the probe or stylete in the guide. One uses a rubber O-ring that lightly snaps into the notch in the probe or stylete head when inserted. Removal is equally simple. The other uses an Ω (Omega) ring that can be turned to open the rings window to allow insertion of a probe or stylete.
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Brain Infusion Probes
This is an infusion cannula. The 1 or 2 mm length refers to the tiny tubing at the tip that actually delivers the infusate.
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IBR Combination Infusion & Microdialysis BRain Probe
The IBR style microdialysis probe facilitates infusing a treatment directly to the area being dialyzed. Unlike when administering a treatment systemically or via retrodialysis through a microdialysis probe membrane, when this probe is used, you can both target your treatment with anatomical specificity and know exactly how much drug you have administered.
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LM Linear Microdialysis Probes
The LM style Linear Microdialysis Probe is intended for microdialysis of soft tissues such as dermis, subcutaneous tissue, muscle, adipose, peritoneal organs, and other tissues.
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Loop Microdialysis Probes
DL Dialysis Loop probes have been designed for both in vivo studies (subcutaneous tissue, peritoneal cavity, etc.) in experimental animals and in vitro studies in aqueous solutions (tissue homogenates, cell suspensions, plasma, biological fluids).
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MBR style BRain Guide Cannula
These guide cannulae fit BASis MBR style brain microdialysis probes. There are two version of this guide; they differ in the length of the cannula. The MBR style guide cannula is primarily intended for use in mouse brain microdialysis or dorsal or adjacent multiple rat brain implants. It can be used for other applications also.
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MBR style Brain Microdialysis Probes
The MBR style microdialysis probe is primarily intended for use for mouse brain microdialysis or adjacent multiple rat brain implants. It can be used for other applications also.
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Surgical Drill, Drill Bits, Bone Anchor Screws, Dental Cement
The Surgical Drill is a precision instrument that accepts a multitude of drill bits with standard dental burr shanks. The control box is easy to read and the lightweight, balanced hand-piece is easy to control.
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Surgical Instrument Kit
The BASi basic surgical instrument kit includes a collection of surgical instruments, recommended suture materials, and other small items used when preparing animals for microdialysis or ultrafiltration experiments.
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Vascular Probes
No study of pharmacokinetics, drug delivery, metabolism, or toxicity is complete without a determination of the drug concentration in blood. The Culex Automated Blood Sampler is the ideal way to serially sample blood from species ranging from mice to pigs. However, if your needs are less frequent or less rigorous, the BASi IV microdialysis probe is a comparatively simple way to look at microdialysis based relative changes in blood analyte concentrations.
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