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Osypka Medical Inc

7855 Ivanhoe Ave Suite 226
La Jolla, CA 92037 United States
Phone:(858) 454-0021
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Overview: A perfect product is only as good as the service offered with it. This statement is in particular true for medical devices. Committed to service, we offer maintenance, repair and well documented functional and safety testing at reasonable prices.
We listen to you and any suggestions you may have. It is the beginning of a relationship.
Our quality system requires obtaining a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number prior to returning a product for service.
UMDC Code: 452963
Fax: (858) 454-0064
Email: mail@osypkamed.com
Website: http://www.osypkamed.com
Company Type: Private
Business Lines: Distributor/Importer
Quality Regulations: EN46001
Sales Channels: Direct

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AESCULON Hypertension Clinic
The AESCULON in the specific version Hypertension Clinic employs the measurement methods providing the important hemodynamic parameters supporting hypertension diagnosis and therapy: Stroke Volume (SV) / Stroke Index, Heart Rate (HR) , Cardiac Output (CO) / Cardiac Index (CI)
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AESCULON Pacemaker Clinic
Dual-chamber and in particular three-chamber, i.e., bi-ventricular pacing systems may be most beneficial to the hemodynamics of a patient provided an optimal setup of pacing parameters. Usually this optimization process is, if at all, performed employing echocardiography. It is a relative costly and cumbersome method prone to be significantly depending on the operator. Furthermore, this method is only two-dimensional. The resulting images require an experienced eye in order to make judgments with respect to the wall motions of the heart, which may or may not correlate with an improvement or de
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AESCULON VueLink Support
Online data transfer from AESCULON to Philips monitor using a digital VueLink cable.
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AESCULON Window to the Circulation
Window to the Circulation - you can hardly describe any better the purpose of the AESCULON. Four ECG surface electrodes are attached to the subject and connected to the AESCULON via a patient cable. It takes only a few cardiac cycles until the AESCULON displays beat-to-beat or averaged the following hemodynamic parameters
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Cardiac Output Monitors
Electrical Cardiometry utilizes four ECG standard surface electrodes (see figure). A high frequency low magnitude alternating current is applied towards the thorax in the direction of the body axis via two outer electrodes. The resulting voltage is measured between the two inner electrodes. The ratio of the current applied and the voltage measured equals the thoracic electrical conductivity, which changes characteristically during the cardiac cycle.
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Cardiac Surgery
PACE 300 CRT Temporary Cardiac Pacemaker: Now the cardiac surgeon or cardiac anesthesiologist can provide the optimal post-operative pacing therapy to the patients who need it most! The new PACE 300 employs all the features of biventricular pacing therapy for cardiac resynchronization (CRT). The PACE 300 provides not only 3 independently configurable pacing channels but directly accessible setups of AV delay and inter-ventricular delay.
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The PACE 203 DDD temporary dual-chamber pacemaker features a special VDD pacing mode. Using a 4-polar VDD pacing catheter with electrodes located in the atrium and the ventricle, the PACE 203 senses the atrial intrinsic activity and senses and/or stimulates in the ventricle while the patient enjoys physiological pacing therapy.
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Icon Window to the Heart
Noninvasive measurement of cardio-dynamics in adults, children, und neonates.
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Icon Window to the Heart&trade
Online data transfer from ICON to Philips monitor using a digital VueLink cable.
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Old Model
According to the old model of classical impedance cardiography, the origin of the rapid change of conductivity - in particular after aortic valve opening - lies in the volumetric changes of the ascending aorta (Windkessel effect, see figure).
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Our New Model
According to the new model of Electrical Velocimetry, the characteristic changes in thoracic conductivity are caused by the alignment of the red blood cells (erythrocytes) in the aorta. Prior to aortic valve opening (diastole), the red blood cells are random orientation (see figure). Shortly after the opening of aortic valve (systole), the red blood cells align with their disk-shaped body in parallel to the blood flow. Because of this alignment the applied current faces a significant increase in thoracic conductivity.
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PACE 101-External Cardiac Demand Pacemaker
The PACE 101 single-chamber cardiac pacemaker has the reputation of a legendary workhorse - easy to operate, very durable and light weight. It is intended for temporary atrial or ventricular pacing and supports synchronous (VVI, AAI) and asynchronous (V00, A00) operating modes.
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PACE 203
The PACE 203 is the third generation of the Osypka Medical line of dual-chamber temporary cardiac pacemakers. Relying on over 25 years of experience in cardiac pacing, the PACE 203 represents the todays standard in temporary pacing technology.
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PACE 300-CRT Temporary Cardiac Pacemaker
The PACE 300 is the world wide first temporary three-chamber cardiac pacemaker featuring bi-ventricular pacing capability with individually programmable ventricular pacing and sensing channels and programmable inter-ventricular stimulation delay.
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Pacing System Analyzer
Measures in situ lead characteristics of impedance, P/R wave peak amplitudes and slew rates. Aids in determination of capture threshold and tests of antegrade conduction (Wenckebach point) and retrograde conduction.
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PSA 300
Measures in situ lead characteristics of impedance, P/R wave peak amplitudes and slew rates. Aids in determination of capture threshold and tests of antegrade conduction (Wenckebach point) and retrograde conduction.
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